Urive i-Shotgun 2CH Full HD/HDUrive i-Shotgun 2CH Full HD/HD

i-Shotgun 2CH Full-HD/HD

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Memory Capacity

Connect with Smart phone by WI-FI
Urive i-Shotgun can connect Smart Phones with Wi-Fi module adopted. Users can control the main device with the Urive application in its Wi-Fi zone.

Smart Phone Application (Urive)

Android users in the Google play store, Ios users in the App store can download the App. searching ‘Urive’.
Another way is the QR code scanning.

Check the real time video and stored images

The real time image can be played in your smart phone and the stared images also can be directly downloaded to the phone. Also, users can check some captured images in the [screen shot] menu.


Remote control on firmware upgrade, SD card formatting, configuration!!

The Urive application provides firmware upgrade, SD card formatting and configuration setting function by remote-control.

Configuration : date and time, storage allocation, cut off voltage, video and audio and sensor sensitivity can set directly.

Emergency information

When the driver is under accident, the device send a call or SMS to an appointer through driver’s Smart Phone. (This function might be different following the communication condition)

Ultra-high definition vivid image
Full HD-HD blackbox for the first time in Korea
Urive i-Shotgun can record important accident scenes
and parking monitoring images clearly with vivid
resolution (1920x1080) cameras and the viewing angle
(diagonal: 120°) during the day even at night.
WDR function: support obvious images in tunnels!
Urive i-Shotgun can record optimized images with
a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function. Even though
there are little lights like a tunnel, it can widely detect
lights for the clear images.
Front/Rear 30 frame each
Urive i-Shotgun provides natural & vivid images
without image cutting.
Checking the accurate images with digital zoom function
Have you seen your monitor for checking the recorded files? Urive i-Shotgun has digital zoom function to provide vivid images. If users click the [zoom in / zoom out] buttons or mouse scroll on the image player in the dedicated Urive viewer, the image will be zoom in / out.
24-hour intelligent parking monitor, CCTV (motion detector)
Urive i-Shotgun parking monitor is an intelligent black box which has motion detectors that can automatically record car damage from shock. Motion detector function is a differentiated technology of Urive that automatically detects various movements surrounding the car while it is parked, saving memory space with the data logging function. Floating population monitoring is possible in public areas for
24 hours,whether the car is parked or being driven.
Battery discharge protection device Real time monitoring in navigation terminal
In order to prevent battery discharge during parking mode,
Urive i-Shotgun has parking timer and voltage cut-off setting mode. If the voltage is lower than the set volume, it executes the voltage cut-off automatically for preventing the car discharging. Users can set the cut-off voltage in the dedicated viewer.(8steps)
Urive i-Shotgun provides more convenience because real-time images can be showed immediately in navigation terminals.
Manual recording SD Card auto format
Urive i-Shotgun can capture the emergency scene by the 'R(Rec)' button. Recording will begin with the touch of the 'R' button, and saved files will be stored in the event folder and not be automatically deleted. There is no need to format the SD card at your PC, pressing the 'M(Mode)' button for 10 seconds will automatically format the SD card.
Automatic memory management
Even though there is no space in the memory card
for saving latest video images, Urive i-Shotgun
can keep saving the video images by deleting
the oldest file one by one in the each folder.
Urive i-Shotgun PC viewer
Firmware and viewer version update
Dedicated viewer provides convenient firmware and
update functions. There is no need to download files
from the Urive website, the viewer will make updates possible.
Simultaneous running of the front and rear videos
With easy to recognize interface, the front and rear
recordings can be run for a more convenient and
precise videos..
Information on driving records through GPS
Through the GPS antenna, connection to Google Map
is available to view driving records such as driver,
plate number, distance traveled, hours traveled,
parked period, average speed, maximum speed,
date, time, latitude, longitude, address, etc..
Control of situational recording amount ratio Saving driving records
Ratio of saved files can be set depending on situations such as parking or driving. The date, time, and distance while driving is stored, and the course can be traced through the viewer. (when GPS is installed)
Power and temperature
Operation voltage DC 12V ~ DC 24V Operation temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Power consumption Max. 4.3W @ 2 channels Storage temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Channel 2 channels : front, rear(exterior) Pixels Front : 5 megapixels(pixels for freeze frame) Rear : 2 megapixels(pixels for freeze frame)
Camera Front : Color CMOS Camera Angle of view Front : 120° / Rear : 110°
Rear : Color CMOS Camera( NTSC)  
Saved resolution Driving Mode : Front Full HD(1100%x1080P)
/ Rear HD(1280x720P)
Saving method MPEG4(H.264)
Parking Mode : Front, Rear HD(1280x720P) Record mode Constant /event / forced / Parking monitor(CCTV)
Saved frame Driving Mode : Max. 30 fps Saved period Event / forced / parking mode:
10 sec before / 20 sec after shock
Parking Mode : Max. 20 fps Constant recording: 1 minute
Recording medium
Recording medium Urive 16GB Micro SDHC Card Expansion Up to 32GB (Class 10 recommended)
Shock sensor 3-axis acceleration shock detection sensor Motion sensor Motion sensor by camera
Miscellaneous Size Main body : 92 x 61 x 32(mm)RTC Rechargeable embedded battery  

Urive i-Shotgun Day Driving

Urive i-Shotgun Night Driving

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