Dashcam sales increasing as drivers fear road rage

Dashcam sales increasing as drivers fear road rage



Dash cam sales increasing as drivers fear road rage

Driving recorder sales have increased dramatically in the first half of 2014, with drivers fearing road rage incidents and seeking protection.


Martin Seo, director of Motorblackbox, said that sales are increasing rapidly throughout 2014 with bigger focus on premium range.

“People are relay looking for quality in their blackbox now,” Mr Seo said. “There has been a significant increase in the sale of the premium brands since January.”

The public interest in driving recorders is evident. A Facebook page called Dash Cam Owners Australia has more than 150,000 likes, with almost daily updates of footage from Australia.

“There are many reasons why you’d want a driving recorder. But it is a great protection against road rage incidents and hit and run accidents, especially as premium driving recorders can capture number plates,” Mr Seo said.

“It can also be used against break-ins and rear-enders in shopping centres.

“All premium driving recorders support motion detection and 3G sensors. They can pick up faces and number plates with vivid details.

“We have customers who’ve been hit by truck who then take off, because they don’t realize that they’ve hit someone. With the video footage, they can track down the driver and help with insurance claims. With the footage they have proof and the company can track who the driver was at that time,” Mr Seo said.

According to www.carsafe.com.au, there were more than 45 thousand passenger and light commercial vehicles stolen in 2013.

Police are endorsing driving recorders as well. Various members of NSW, VIC and QLD police have provided interviews where they endorse the use of driving recorders as a beneficial and positive thing for road safety.

As popularity of driving recorders increase, drivers need to be aware of unauthorized imports and hacked goods.

“With the rise in popularity there has been an increase in the number of parallel importers who utilize hacks to make products look like they are genuine Australian products,” Mr Seo said.

“Unauthorised models are not for Australia use and they do not have C0Tick certification to meet Australia’s strict safety standard” he warned.

Motorblackbox is Australia’s leading distributor of premium blackboxes. Motorblackbox distributes and wholesales all the premium brands available in Australia, such as Blackvue, Cowon and Finevu driving recorders as well as a commercial oriented line for trucks and heavy vehicles.


For more information visit www.motorblackbox.com.au

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