Dashcam technology now encompass ADAS with LDWS

Dashcam technology now encompass ADAS with LDWS


Dashcam technology now encompass ADAS with LDWS

Finevu is to release the CR-2000G – the first in the world to incorporate a lane departure warning system – in Australia soon.

Driving recorders that just record video and audio are a thing of the past with many premium range now incorporating ADAS(Advanced Driving Assist system) and even LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System) as standard.

Cowon has recently upgraded its firmware to incorporate start alert, giving an audible warning when the car in front has taken off in their headline product, the AW1 and the AW2.

“It is the first case of seeing real advancement in the driving recorder technology since they appeared,” director of MotorBlackbox, Martin Seo, said.

“We are now seeing not only picture quality upgrades but real features that will assist drivers with safe driving.”

“Until now, LDWS has been a very expensive technology to have in cars, costing thousands of dollars and multiple hardware installation in the car,” Mr Seo said.

“The inclusion of this technology in the CR-2000G will hopefully lead to other manufacturers including such advanced features as standard in premium driving recorders.”

CR-2000G will be released in Australia towards the end of 2014.

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