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Autocapsule Cowon

AutoCapsule Cowon







Motor Guardian Cam

Motor Guardian Cam



MotorBlackBox - Leading the market in Premium Dashcam

About Us

MotorBlackbox is the leading wholesaler of premium blackboxes in Australia, covering all the major brands such as Blackvue, Cowon, Finevu and Urive.


We also have a fleet/heavy vehicle dedicated range of blackboxes from Motor Guardiancam, the leading manufacturer & supplier with dashcams for trucks and fleets with additional features such as GPS tracking.


We are dedicated to providing support to our dealers with marketing, after sales and simply the best product range ever! With our premium range of dashcams, you will ensure that you have a product to meet all your customers needs.


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All the Best Brands

We carry all the premium brands of dashcams in Australia, including Blackvue, Cowon and Finevu! 
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Latest products available first in Australia. Be at the leading edge of technology!
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We provide extensive support to keep you, our dealers and more importantly, your customers happy.
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